Our Story: Christine’s Journey

Women To Be

Our Team

Women To Be was founded on three important principals:

  1.  Girls deserve the right to dignity.  Girls should be respected every day of the month in order to foster a state of high self regard.
  2. Girls are the greatest untapped resource know to humankind.  When a girl has what she needs to succeed, she will.  And she will elevate the quality of life for everyone.
  3. Providing girls and women with an effective method for menstrual management and a sex education is not a women’s problem.  It is a human rights issue that everyone needs to solve.

History and Plans for the future:

Women to Be has twice been to Nepal and once to Guatemala.  In 2018, Women To Be plans to open a sewing center outside Kathmandu which will offer training and employment in sewing to local women.  These women will be paid a fair wage to fabricate 6000 kits which will then be distributed to girls and women in mountain areas. Sex educators will teach girls and women how their bodies work and the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Girls and women will receive a calendar so then can count their days to avoid unintended pregnancy.

Also in 2018, Women To Be will visit Zambia to deliver 1000 made by volunteers in the U.S.  Research will be done to establish a sewing center there also.

Founder and President, Christine Glidden, has been working on this project as a volunteer since July, 2014.  Women To Be is incorporated in New Mexico and designated by the IRS as a 501c3 since July, 2015.  Recently, it submitted its first 990 tax report.  Virtually all donations go directly to the project with no-to-little overhead.  It exists on the generosity of others either in donations or time and expertise.

Women to Be is a strategic, effective and scrappy group of savvy individuals who do what they say they will.

The Women To Be Board of Directors includes

David Civetti, Chair

Lori Zamarippa, Ph.D., Secretary  

Tamara Beall, CPA, Treasurer

Jenna Phelps

Steve Etkind

Alok Bohara, Ph.D.

Brett Phelps, J.D.

Kim Wong, J.D.

Ed Risley

Catherine Tardy, CPA

UNM student interns for 2017 are Kristin Bennet and Ana Luisa Jayme.

Photos below:  Christine Glidden with volunteer sewing experts, as an Honorary Commander with General Harbensbarger, and receiving Rotary’s ‘Service Above Self’ Award.