Bringing Girls Confidently to Womanhood


We distribute ‘kits’ of underwear and washable sanitary pads to girls who too often live with nothing.

Access to underwear and sanitary pads contribute to girls’ overall health and success.

Our ‘kits’ last up to three years! We also provide a sex ed class and a calendar to help avoid unintended pregnancy.

When part of a comprehensive health program, our kits help girls:

  1. Stay in school and learn a skill
  2. Avoid serious infection
  3. Often delay marriage and and have fewer unwanted pregnancies
  4. Participate more fully in life and village decisions
  5. Develop self-esteem and confidence!

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Women 2 Be is a young, active, growing, passion-driven not-for-profit, staffed entirely by volunteers. Your support is critical to the continued ability to provide reusable menstrual supplies to women in areas where none are available. For more information please see our donations page.