Announcement: Due to the new date of Pads to the People, this deadline has been extended until April 22, 2018.

Women To Be invites Artists to submit original artwork and jewelry to the Silent Auction for our upcoming flagship fundraising event: Pads 2018: Wine for Womanhood. Artists will be offered compensation of 50% of the auction price of their work.

This fundraiser will directly support Women To Be's 2018 plans:

  • Fabrication and distribution of 7000 ‘kits' containing underwear and reusable sanitary pads throughout Zambia and Nepal.  Also provide sex education to women and girls as they receive their kits.

  • Establishment of sewing centers in Zambia and Nepal to train and employ local women to fabricate our kits.  Create jobs!

  • Welcome the Paramount King of the Bemba Tribe of Zambia who comes to partner with Women To Be for the benefit of women and girls in Zambia. More details of his April, 2018 visit coming soon!

View and download our announcement here.

Submission Guidelines

Submit artwork and get paid promptly by closely following the following guidelines:

  • All submissions must arrive at the mailbox by April 22, 2018.

  • Submit artwork in packaging that may be reused to return it if not sold. Have art professionally packaged if you're not sure.

  • Multiple submissions are accepted. Submit one printed and filled-out form for each piece submitted. 

  • Carefully follow the guidelines on our submission form.

  • Some artists choose to donate their payment to Women To Be. This is an option but not a preference for us and your choice will not be indicated on the auction floor.

  • You will be compensated with an offer of 50% of the auction price sale of your work and our grateful promotion of your submission in our event's social media presence. Please consider liking Women To Be on Facebook to catch your submission in action and for the opportunity to spread the word about your helping women in Zambia and Nepal!

  • Can't submit artwork or jewelry? Please consider making a donation. Thank you.